About Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (abbreviation: DECC, in Danish: Dansk-Estiske Handelskammer, in Estonian: Taani-Eesti Kaubanduskoda) is a non-profit organization.


  • Create, support and develop economic relations between Danish and Estonian companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Serve as a business and social platform to facilitate business opportunities within the network through various events i.e seminars, conferences, sports activities, company visits, business delegations.
  • Convey relevant business information regarding Estonia, the country’s economy, and the surrounding region.
  • Promote the interests of and create value to our members.
  • Offer various business services i.e. market overview, introduction to the business culture, finding contacts, match-making.


The forerunner of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Danish-Estonian Business Club, was founded in 1996 as an informal forum for Danish businessmen in Estonia. Since the establishment of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce in September 2007, the chamber has received a very positive and supportive response from the business community in Estonia, as well as in Denmark. It has ca 60 members representing a wide range of industries. The chamber is fully funded by its members and income generated by its activities.

The DECC is not affiliated with the government or any other political organizations. It represents the interests of the members in communication with the government of the Republic of Estonia and other state authorities through the Foreign Investors Council in Estonia (FICE).


The chamber owns a website www.decc.ee and a Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/danishestonianchamberofcommerce/ . We manage an e-newsletter with over 700 e-mail addresses categorized between members, non-members, and partners. We send the newsletter to our members to keep them up to date with the chamber’s activities, Estonian-Danish news, event calendar, different announcements. The newsletter is open for chamber members to share their announcements and ads. Occasionally, we send the newsletter also to non-members and partners to inform them about our activities.

Who benefits from the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce?

The Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce aims to serve these enterprises that have a relation to Estonia and Denmark. Hence the companies have no need for chambers. It is the people who need the chambers of commerce’s network since business is between people. People need new contacts as well as caress and maintain the existent ones. A customer experience from years ago does not make one a customer any longer if customer communication is lacking.

The chamber of commerce is a social platform that allows people with common interests to meet, to create new contacts and refresh and maintain them. „People have often approached me asking very directly whether one or the other company representative is attending the upcoming event or not. Their own participation decision is often based on my reply,“ says Merli Lindberg, the executive manager of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

Social networks have priceless value in the information society. The network building starts already at school, followed by decisions made while choosing working places and participating after-work activities – clubs, associations. Each to their own. The Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce organizes business seminars, conferences, topic-based company visits (international sales network build-up, HR issues, etc), but also social activities (summer and Christmas party, football tournaments, etc).

We constantly expect new people to join our network to offer mutually beneficial relation build-up!

Membership at the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

DECC is open to companies, organizations and individuals who share an interest in facilitating international commerce or/and are conducting business in or trade with Estonia and Denmark. The Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce has approximately 60 members (2016) from different business sectors in both Estonia and Denmark. The full membership listing is found our website under members’ section.

The membership is divided into 4 different categories, whilst the more expensive ones give companies the possibility of sponsoring the chamber’s existence and activities and allowing them to actively advertise themselves through chambers’ events. For a full list of membership benefits, please review the Member Bonuses.

Foreign Investors’ Council in Estonia

Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce is a founding member of the Foreign Investors’ Council in Estonia (abbreviation: FICE, in Estonian Eesti Välisinvestorite Nõukogu). FICE’s activities are published on the website www.fice.ee